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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Quilting Inspiration

I love quilts- I love all the detail, the color, the design and planning that goes into them. I remember having quilts that my grandmother made when I was growing up. She made quilts from scraps- old shirts, leftover fabric from sewing projects. I always thought the quilts were special because they take so much time and thought put into something to keep you warm!

For the longest time I thought that I couldn't make a quilt- that it was too hard or too much work. I finally got over my fear and just went for it. I made my first quilt in 2009. I made the pattern, cut the squares, machine pieced it and hand quilted it. We now use it for our bedspread and I couldn't love it more!

First quilt- sorry about the mess in the picture- was just too excited to have it finished!

This is the second quilt I made- I did some applique quilting and gave it to my inlaws for Christmas. I had this one quilted at the local quilt shop. (This picture doesn't show it quilted- just the quilt top) She did a wonderful job. 

This past summer I did a few quilt a longs to help improve my skills. I haven't finished either project so those are still on my to-do list!

English paper pieced hexagon- I have a few of these done- don't have definite plans for the finished piece- maybe a pillow or table runner?

The Summer Sampler QAL- halfway done- I really liked working on these- gave me opportunity to practice new skills (triangle piecing, paper piecing, etc.). All of the tutorials on the squares were wonderful and easy to follow.

I have plans for future quilts too- My Grandmother had scraps that she had cut into 4 1/2" X 8" squares that my mother is being generous enough to share with all of her daughters.  We decided to cut the same size squares from my mother's fabric stash, my fabric stash, and all of my sisters' fabric stashes so that we can each have enough squares for a multi-generational scrappy quilt. My aunt on my father's side of the family also recently let me know she had some scraps from my paternal grandmother's fabric stash, so those are going to be part of the quilt too!!

As for the design of the scrappy quilt I have a lot in mind- here are a few inspirational pieces off Pinterest!

Scrappy Nine Patch- so pretty!!!

This is such a beautiful way to use up scraps- visually appealing and We would have plenty to make a queen/king size quilt!

This is just solids, but could easily be done with a scrappy design!

One last quilting project I have in mind- I have all of my t-shirts from high school and college saved back and in my stash. I want to make a really cool t-shirt quilt from them. 
Some Inspiration:

What quilting projects do you have in the works? 

Thanks for stopping by!!!
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Melanie said...

Love the quilt on your bed! I dream of making one for my bed, but can't quite commit to buying that much fabric without knowing I'd follow through!

I am currently working on a 'picnic quilt' with a bunch of crazy 2x2 blocks that I inherited from my husband's side. I was hoping to have it done before the first home football game, but that's tomorrow, so guess it's not going to happen!

Home on the Range Exchange said...

I really wanna make a K-State quilt like yours. I might have to ask you for a little assistance on the powercat part, if I ever get the time.

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