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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm back to the crafting

Well, I haven't had a post in a while. But, that just means that I was doing good with my training. I finished my triathlon on June 27th. I met my goals for my time and I had a lot of fun with it! Two of my sisters also did the triathlon and my mom came to cheer us on. I did get to quilt a lot on the way there and made a lot of progress.

And now that I am done with training I am going to focus more on my crafting!! I have already done good and finished the middle section of my quilt. Tonight my plan is to get the outside border of the quilting stenciled in and get ready to finish up the quilting.
These are my goals for the rest of the July:
1. Finish quilting the border of the quilt.
2.Work on a round robin cross stitch project- Forever Friends Bear.
3.Start on Lizzie Kate- Dogs leave paw prints on your heart.
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