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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Has it really been September since I last posted? It doesn't seem like it was that long ago! Here are a few things I have finished since then- more coming soon :)

Bedtime Bear- my fourth and last classic care bear or care bear cousin to complete a quilt for my future baby! Took a little while to stitch but I love how it turned out!

Flannel rag baby quilt for our friends baby. It is so soft and hopefully the baby loves it. This was a fun and easy project!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Doing my Super Happy Dance!!!

Today I finished my first quilt ever. I started working on it mid-July of 2009 and just finished it today. I machine pieced it all from apattern that I made up. I hand quilted about 345 individual squares and hand stitched the binding on it. I love it so much and can't wait to use it on the bed. And I am so glad that it is done!!

This is a close up of the quilting with the backing and binding in the lower left corner.

This is me holding the quilt- don't I look excited :)

Hopefully now that this big project is done I will have time to work on some other projects- here is a review of my August goals (Yes I know September is almost over :) ).

1. Finish quilting the border of the quilt.- yes (well not in August, but its done now)
2. Start on Lizzie Kate- Dogs leave paw prints on your heart.- nope
3. Start on 4th Classic Care Bear for baby quilt. - yes- I have started on Bedtime Bear- looking pretty cute so far.

Goals for October-

1. Finish Bedtime Bear
2. Start on Lizzie Kate- Dogs leave paw prints on your heart

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Great sunny day!

Today has been a great day- I spent the morning doing chores and taking the dogs for a walk. Then this afternoon I went to hobby lobby to get a seam ripper and some cross stitch floss. I ended up leaving with a bunch of new scrapbook paper and stickers as well :)

Here is just a sample of some of the prints I picked out- I am excited about the camoflage one in the middle- I think hubby will like it a lot.

Then when I got home from that relaxing trip I check the mail and I find this package- it is a snowman from the round robin I started several years ago and I never got back (well I still haven't got mine back yet) but this one is adorable and I was so excited that Robin stitched it up for me. Haven't decided how to finish it yet but I know it will be on display when winter rolls around! She also sent some stamped cards that are really cute. Robin is very creative and makes great jewelry as well as stamping and cross stitching... visit her blog here. Just made my day.

Happy stitching everyone!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Has it really been a month?

Well, one of my goals was to post more this month, but that apparently didn't happen- oh well, that is just how life goes... But I did finish a project! My first cross stitch project I have worked on since February! This is Forever Friends Bear, I finished it for a round robin that was started several years ago and never finished by one of the participants. Sadly she still has my snowman I started and I haven't been able to get in touch with her. But I hope Robin enjoys the bear and it brings her joy :)

I did finish the outside squares on my quilt... but then had a minor setback. Apparently when I basted together the back and front of the quilt the backing didn't go all the way to the edge on one corner. I had to trim an inch off of each side- but that made all my quilting on the outside squares look funny- so now I am in the process of tearing out the old quilting and re-hand quilting it. But, still pretty close to being done, and I got all of my binding stitched, pressed and ready to go.
This is a pic of my little sweetheart Penny, playing at the beach :) She is such a silly dog!

Recap of my July goals:

1. Finish quilting the border of the quilt.- Yes and No, did finish it :), but having to redo it :(
2.Work on a round robin cross stitch project- Forever Friends Bear- Yes, done and sent out!
3.Start on Lizzie Kate- Dogs leave paw prints on your heart.- Nope

August goals:

1. Finish quilting the border of the quilt.
2. Start on Lizzie Kate- Dogs leave paw prints on your heart.
3. Start on 4th Classic Care Bear for baby quilt.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm back to the crafting

Well, I haven't had a post in a while. But, that just means that I was doing good with my training. I finished my triathlon on June 27th. I met my goals for my time and I had a lot of fun with it! Two of my sisters also did the triathlon and my mom came to cheer us on. I did get to quilt a lot on the way there and made a lot of progress.

And now that I am done with training I am going to focus more on my crafting!! I have already done good and finished the middle section of my quilt. Tonight my plan is to get the outside border of the quilting stenciled in and get ready to finish up the quilting.
These are my goals for the rest of the July:
1. Finish quilting the border of the quilt.
2.Work on a round robin cross stitch project- Forever Friends Bear.
3.Start on Lizzie Kate- Dogs leave paw prints on your heart.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Loving all the May flowers

Well- I started this post a couple days ago and am just getting ready to post it :) Spring just gets soo busy.

April Goals-

1.Quilt 30 squares- Not sure- I have quilted some but am too busy right now to count where I am at- will count next month :)

2. Trey's Birthday Present-finished - I love it and hope he does to. It is a memory game made of fabric that has pictures of all of his family members on it.

This was a fairly easy project- printed photos on fabric printer sheets- cut them to specific size - then sewed a layer of batting and fabric on the back. This is the bag I made to hold the memory squares.
3. Quilted pillow for couch- peicing is completed on one of the pillows and I still need to hand quilt it. Love the way the peicing turned out. I haven't taken a pic yet- hopefully soon.

4. Triathlon training-Yup- less than 2 months to the triathlon so I have kicked it into higher gear- this may have a negative effect on my crafting but I will definitely stitch more once the triathlon is over. This weekend I ran 6 miles on Saturday, biked 45 minutes yesterday and swam 21 minutes yesterday. I am exhausted.

Goals for May coming this weekend!!! I may have to cut back on goals so I don't feel so disappointed :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday, Monday- don't trust that day!

Hey all in blog land, hope everyone's week is off to a good start. Mine hasn't been too bad- had a long day at work and then a Mary Kay party!

This month has been crazy busy so far- did get some crafting done and hope to get some more done before the end of the month. I have one quilted pillow pieced and stenciled and ready to hand quilt.

We did have our first garden harvest of salad and radishes this weekend- makes me VERY excited for the summer.

I have fallen behind on my blog surfing so I need to catch up some time this week! Happy stitching and crafting to everyone!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ahh- it has almost been a month since I have last posted- too much going on lately I geuss. I have been able to keep up on browsing other blogs, just haven't had time to post!

The biggest news is that we have a new addition to the family this weekend- Penny! She is a 7 week old vizsla and she is just precious. Scout was a little jealous at first but now she is getting used to her- cuddling on the couch with each other right now.

This is Scout and her playing in the back yard this afternoon.

Review my goals-
1.Quilt 30 squares- Did better than that- progress going good! 146/320 - 45% done!! I got 53 squares done this month

2. Finish Hunting Companions- this is my husband's goal for me, as the piece is for him.- Didn't finish this one- but I did get quite a bit done. Here is a pic of my progress- you can almost tell it is going to be a dog!
3. Keep training for triathlon- not a craft goal but has to be done :)- Been doing pretty well with this, I did get sick during the last week of March and training was put on hold but now I am back in the swing of things!
And to wish everyone happy spring I will post a picture of the beautiful flowers that Bret planted for me several years ago.

April Goals-
1. 30 quilt squares
2.Trey's birthday present
3.Quilted pillow for couch
4.Triathlon training

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day- My TU SAL is only a few days late!

Well, maybe my TU SAL is 3 days late- but here it is: Not too colorful- mostly white thread from my quilt basting- I am finding I don't have too many ORTs because I stitch down to the very end of the thread.
Isn't everyone glad March Madness is here! Go K-State Wildcats!!

I have been working on my quilt lately, its not done, but sometimes Scout likes to use it to cuddle her!!

Today I got the Bunny Binky Pattern from mmmcrafts.blogspot.com. I am very excited to work on this pattern and I think my nieces are going to get some cute presents in this coming year :)

This embroidery transfer below I am excited about- going to put these patterns on some denim squares to make a quilt- but that is a few projects down the road.

Thanks for visiting my blog and happy stitching/quilting!!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wow it is March- in like a lamb so far!

Review of last month's goals:
Goals for February-
1. Quilt 20 squares on the quilt.- Did better than that!! Got about 61 squares done this month- at this rate I may be done well before December! Total complete-93 out of 320 blocks - 29% done!!
2. Work on Hunting Companions- umm no, didn't get to this yet- boo
3. Finish December pattern from Erica Michael's- Nope

I did work on my Vegetable Wreath as I updated mid-month.

Stitching has been going slow- but here are my goals for March:

1.Quilt 30 squares
2. Finish Hunting Companions- this is my husband's goal for me, as the piece is for him.
3. Keep training for triathlon- not a craft goal but has to be done :)

Happy Stitching and I hope to have more updates to post this month!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

TUSAL for Feb 14th and Mid-month update

Well first things first, here is my ORT jar for the new moon. Only a day late. I didn't really forget yesterday, just had too much going on. Took my nephews to see the Percy Jackson movie and cooked a roast chicken dinner for my family.

I have been making progress this month on a few things.. stitching on my vegetable wreath and quilting.

Here is my most recent progress on the vegetable wreath and what it was like at last update.

The progress on the quilting has been good d/t the SuperBowl and Olympics. I can quilt pretty fast while watching sporting events.... Not that I stay really in tune with the sporting evens. Anyway, the progress was 32/320 squares at the end of January and now it is 52/320 - 16%.

On Saturday I had Craft Day with my Mom and my sister.. Our main goal was to finish stockings for the family and we did it! We made 12 stockings to add to the ones my sisters had made a few years ago. They are all finished... This is my mom with the finished project.

I also working on Bret and my scrapbook for Valentine's day at craft day!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone and have a great rest of February!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Finished the potholder!!

I did end up finishing the potholder this weekend. I like it a lot and it is hanging in my kitchen. It was a quick and easy stitch once I got the right floss :). I also did a little stitching on the quilt tonight. It has been a long day though- we went pheasant hunting this morning and walked a long way!

I didn't specifically make any goals for January, just year long goals, so I will just update on what I got done this month.
1.Finished Marley's birthday outfit
2.Finished potholder
3. Got caught up through Christmas on scrapbooking.
4. Worked on quilting- so my goal for 50 squares a month may be a little too ambitious. I did 17 this month and now squares are 10% done! 32 out of/320 squares completed.

Goals for February-
1. Quilt 20 squares on the quilt.
2. Work on Hunting Companions
3. Finish December pattern from Erica Michael's

Hope everyones February is full of stitching and finishes!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Decided to join the Totally Useless Fun!

Here is my container for the Totally Useless SAL. There is not too much in it yet because I started on Saturday and have only been working on this on project. You can find details about the SAL on YoYo's blog here

Have you ever had one of those projects that seem to take forever?? I started this small potholder with a strawberry design on it because I have mostly big projects going right now and I was looking for a quick, cute finish. I didn't have the greens or one of the red's the project called for, so I substituted. Then I run out of one of the greens half-way through and I have tried 3 different shades of red to match the one color I did have but none have worked out. Looks like I am going to Hobby Lobby tomorrow for some more floss, sigh.
Thanks for all the nice comments on my posts, I really appreciate it!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Finish for the New Year

But, not a cross stitch finish- I completed a dress and bloomers for my niece's first birthday. I used some fabric I already had (think I had planned to make a dress for me out of it at some point). I love the way it turned out and I can't wait for the summer when she can wear it!

This is the front of the dress and the bloomers. And below is the back of the dress with a tie in the back.
This week I FINALLY got the birth announcement in the mail. It had been framed and sitting on the table in bubble wrap for too long!

I have been sick this week and it made it hard to get much done around the house, I did get some work on the quilt done last night, but the hand stitching doesn't give me quite as much satisfaction as seeing progress on a cross stitch project or sewing project. I will keep working on the quilt today, but I think I may do some scrap booking as well! I have the whole day free.. hubby is hunting!

Well, I better go get some oatmeal and eggs for breakfast! Happy stitching and thanks for visiting my blog.
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