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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What a month- Ran a Half Marathon, Bought a House- and a whole lot of moving, cleaning, unpacking!!!

Well I haven't posted in a while- but I am going to forgive myself since I have so much going on! The first day of May I ran my first half marathon in Wichita KS. After training hard for the past 3 months I was ready for this race, but I was still very nervous. My sister came with me to cheer me on and I finished in 2 hrs, 2 minutesand 30 seconds. It was quite a bit below my goal time so I was happy!
Me before my race- I was really really nervous.
After the race with my medal- stretching out good!!

Then on May 3rd we bought our first house! It has been very exciting moving, unpacking, getting things set up but it is also a lot of work. I haven't got all of my craft stuff unpacked (well actually not much of it is unpacked). But I have been working on a few projects- and have been doing a lot of planning for projects for the new house. I am planning on doing some roman blinds following the tutorial on Jen's What's New blog here. Tonight we went to pick out fabrics at Hobby Lobby- found a few we liked but none we had to have so we are going to keep looking for now. Can't wait to have time/money to complete ALL the projects I want to do in the new house and I look forward to having lots to blog about!
Have a happy day!!

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