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Friday, April 24, 2009

Almost finished

This is a pic of the May month from Erica Michaels. I actually have it finished with the doggie button sewed on, I just don't want to take a pic right now. I really like the way this turned out with the flowers and everything. Now I just have to sew it into a little pillow, and just in the nic of time too.
This week has flown, actually this whole month has flown. I did start on a new project (a kinda bigger one!) this week. I started on hunting companions for my husband. He wants me to change the white dog in the middle to look like Scout, which hopefully won't be too hard!

Well I hope anyone reading this has a great weekend and gets some good stitching done!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Slow goes the stitching

I am a little disappointed in how little I have gotten finished this month so far. I am only a little way through the May cross stitch. I just have so much going on and I have been trying to work out too. Soo, that is all my progress for now.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Vegetable Wreath WIP

These past couple weeks I have been working on my Vegetable Wreath. Below is my progress thus far. Above is what the finished product will look like. (Sorry about the bad pic). I am excited with how much I have done, but then I looked at the finished picture and I realized I have a lot left to do! But I am moving on for now. Going to work on May and July, then maybe some scrap booking.

This past weekend I did some shopping for stitching supplies and clothes. I got a couple bread covers and a pot holder to stitch on. I can't wait to pick out patterns to put on them.

On another note, I got some exercise today. Scout and I ran about 2 miles and walked a little more. It felt good, but now my body is very tired. Now I just need to do it more regularly!

Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Beginning of April

Since it is the first day of a new month I thought I would review how I did on my goals for the last month and make some new goals for April.

Goals for March stitching-
Get April and May month stitched. - Finished April, but not May
Finish off Feb, March, April and May stitches. - All but May
Finish perpetual calendar.- Finished!! (well, the base and numbers, and is hanging in my cubicle)
Work on Under the Friendship Tree by Mirabilia. -Worked on it!
-Also been working on my Vegetable Wreath

So I feel I did well on goals for last month.

Goals for April stitching
1. Finish stitching and finishing off May and July for calendar.
2. Work on Vegetable Wreath
3. Get English Pointer pattern put together (putting together a couple patterns to make a piece for my husband)
4. Work on Mirabilia angel (possibly finish it ??)

On another note, this week has been hard. I have not been feeling well, my sinuses are killing me and work has been long (d/t not feeling well). Also a lot of my friends have been getting laid off and it just makes me worry. Makes me worry for them, for me, for my family members, for my husband and just makes me nervous in general.

I did hang up my calendar at work and my co-workers like it a lot. Well, off to finish dinner.
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