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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Review of August Goals

Well, I haven't posted much this month, but here goes the goal review.

August Goals-
1. Get quilt all pieced together and ready to be quilted.- Didn't get even close- I had to put this away because we had company and didn't want this all over the table. Hopeful to catch up on this in a couple months :).
2. Get caught up on scrapbooking.- Not entirely, but I have been working on it this weekend and have gotten closer to being caught up.
3. Work on Vegetable Wreath cross stitch- Nope
4. Get baby birth announcement picked out and purchased.- Got it in the mail a couple weeks ago. I have been working on this and have made some good progress.

September Goals-
1. Work on Birth announcement.
2. Work on Scrapbooking.
3. Start a Christmas ornament.

This month is an exciting one. Fall starts, Scout's birthday and Bret's birthday.
For Scout's birthday I found a puppy cake recipe that I will make for her. I am super excited about this.

Happy Stitching!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Got the Birth announcement kit in the mail :)

Got my kit for the birth announcement in the mail. It is called ModZoo from Dimensions.
I ordered it on Monday and it came on Sunday. It is just too cute and I can't wait to start stitching on it. I have until December 31st until little Kinsley ( my new neice) gets here!

Trying to find the motivation to get up and work on piecing my quilt.... Too tired!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Back from Vacay, So reviewing my goals a little late!

We just got back from Florida yesterday. We left on August 1st so I didn't really have time to review my goals, but vacation was awesome. We went to butterfly world, went on an Everglades tour, went to the beach several times, went parasailing and went snorkeling! All super fun and I also got a lot of stitching finished on the plane rides!

Today when we got back though, Scout was mad at us. She wouldn't pay any attention to us and kept pouting and whining. After a little while I think she forgave us for leaving her and started cuddling and playing.

Anyways, here goes my stitching update!!

Goals for July-
1. Work on quilt- get all pieces cut and 1/2 of quilt pieced together- Kind of Finished. I had this goal completed until we decided to make the quilt bigger (queen size)- I have most of the pieces cut out and all of the fabric purchased. At least 1/2 of the main part is pieced together.
2. Work on pepper embroidery on towels- Finished. I got the second one done on the plane.
3. August Calendar ornament- Stitched, and I stitched September too.4. Not a goal, but I did work a little on my vegetable wreath.

August Goals-
1. Get quilt all pieced together and ready to be quilted.
2. Get caught up on scrapbooking.
3. Work on Vegetable Wreath cross stitch
4. Get baby birth announcement picked out and purchased.
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