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Sunday, September 27, 2009

September is almost over!!

Well, I haven't posted much this month, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy and getting some crafts done.
I had said I was going to post on my progress on my training for the race, but I didn't really, but we finished the race on September 12. It was a 6.5 mile trail run. Me and two of my sisters did it. It was fun, but it rained the night before and that morning, so it was REALLY muddy. I did walk some of it, but I felt good about my finish.
This month Scout also turned one! I made a cake for her and she loved it, but ate a little too much!

This Saturday we had CRAFT DAY!! It was great. Me , my Mom, 3 of my sisters, and my cousin got together to work on crafts.

My Mom worked on organizing photos and scrapbooking.

Amy worked on unraveling her daughters yarn :) And organizing magazines

Ellen worked on sewing pillows and knitting

Camille made cards.
Dunia worked on her curtains and I worked on my quilt.

Today I worked on making Elderberry jelly and pickled anehiem peppers. I made japeleno jelly last week. I am happy with how much canning we got done this summer!

And the big news for today- I finished piecing my quilt together. This is what it looks like on the bed, too bad it won't be there for a while, I am going to hand quilt it so it will take some time. But I am excited about it.

I forgot that I need to finish my October cross stitch by Thursday. I know what I will be doing the next few days!
Happy stitching and crafting!!
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