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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Time to take the Christmas Tree Down.

Christmas was great this year.. I got to give some hand made gifts and I hope that they are enjoyed. I made Molly Monkey for my niece Marley and she loved it. I also made initial plaques for my sister, my parents and my in-laws.
Marley, her doll and my sister on Christmas morning.

Scout got to go quail hunting this Christmas and she did very good at helping to find the birds!

December Goals-
1. Christmas presents (several home made things and buying some)-Yup!
2. Birth Announcement (finish and frame)-Almost finished- Kinsley was born on 12-28 and I finished the details of her birthdate and weight yesterday. I need to get some other things to frame it, so this may not happen until the weekend.
3. Also worked on Vegetable Wreath- made some progress but not enough to post a new pic.

Well, I have been really pleased with how much having this blog has helped me keep working on crafts and stitching projects that I really wanted to get done. I have also enjoyed reading others blogs and have found lots of motivation from them. My blogiversary is coming up in February- maybe I will have to do something special for that.

Goals for 2010-
1.Finish the quilt by July- I have 320 squares on the quilt, about 15 are quilted (5% done). My goal is to finish at least 50 squares each month. This will take some effort, but I really want to finish this project.
2. Do a triathlon in June- Already training, just have to keep going :)
3. Start Marley's Rag Quilt
4. Continue to work on current WIP's- no specific goals for finishing them.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Birth Announcement is DONE!!

Finished (except for the birth information). Yay Yay Yay.... now on to other projects!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Birth Announcement is almost done!

Last Update on Birth Announcement.

Birth Announcement finished except for backstitching and name/birth info.
I am about half way done with the back stitching and it really makes the picture come to life. I love it, and it is just in time too, the baby may be here any day!

I am a little disappointed that I haven't got to do any Christmas stitching this year, but maybe I will once this project is done.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas time is almost here, time for love and time for cheer!

November Goals-
1. Post more updates on my blog- Kind of, more than last month, less than some months.
2. Finish December Calendar hanging-Nope, haven't even started.
3. Finish Birth Announcement (except birthdate) and find frame- Nope, I have made good progress and found a cute frame.
4. Make a Christmas ornament- Nope

December Goals-
1. Christmas presents (several home made things and buying some)
2. Birth Announcement (finish and frame)
And with that I am going to go work on the birth announcement.
Have a lovely December 1st!
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