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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wow it is March- in like a lamb so far!

Review of last month's goals:
Goals for February-
1. Quilt 20 squares on the quilt.- Did better than that!! Got about 61 squares done this month- at this rate I may be done well before December! Total complete-93 out of 320 blocks - 29% done!!
2. Work on Hunting Companions- umm no, didn't get to this yet- boo
3. Finish December pattern from Erica Michael's- Nope

I did work on my Vegetable Wreath as I updated mid-month.

Stitching has been going slow- but here are my goals for March:

1.Quilt 30 squares
2. Finish Hunting Companions- this is my husband's goal for me, as the piece is for him.
3. Keep training for triathlon- not a craft goal but has to be done :)

Happy Stitching and I hope to have more updates to post this month!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

TUSAL for Feb 14th and Mid-month update

Well first things first, here is my ORT jar for the new moon. Only a day late. I didn't really forget yesterday, just had too much going on. Took my nephews to see the Percy Jackson movie and cooked a roast chicken dinner for my family.

I have been making progress this month on a few things.. stitching on my vegetable wreath and quilting.

Here is my most recent progress on the vegetable wreath and what it was like at last update.

The progress on the quilting has been good d/t the SuperBowl and Olympics. I can quilt pretty fast while watching sporting events.... Not that I stay really in tune with the sporting evens. Anyway, the progress was 32/320 squares at the end of January and now it is 52/320 - 16%.

On Saturday I had Craft Day with my Mom and my sister.. Our main goal was to finish stockings for the family and we did it! We made 12 stockings to add to the ones my sisters had made a few years ago. They are all finished... This is my mom with the finished project.

I also working on Bret and my scrapbook for Valentine's day at craft day!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone and have a great rest of February!
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