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Friday, January 28, 2011

A Project Five Years in the Making!! It's DONE

Well it has been 5+ years in the making but I finished my Calendar Project yesterday! I remember when I made the first one- June- I thought, "Oh I will make one of these each month and then in a year I will have a nice calendar to hang in my office." Well, life happened like it always does and the project got set aside- but that doesn't matter now because it is finished!!
I laid them all out at work today and I realized I really like them all- I think January and October are my favorites though. These patterns were all freebies from Erica Michael's, she also has some other sets that are free too. You can find the patterns here. And helping me finish this project was....

My New Sewing Machine!!! Around October last year my old machine bit the dust, I was sewing on a baby quilt and it just quit working. When we took it into the shop we found out it was going to cost a lot more than what the machine was worth to fix it. So last week I went and got an Elna 6200- I love it! It stitches very smoothly and quietly. After reading reviews online I found that it was a good quality machine- hopefully it gets me through many happy years of stitching!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another Finish- January Calendar

I have had a great weekend. I got to spend a lot of time with my husband, got to catch up with old friends, make some new friends and even finish a cross stitch project. This is the January calendar from Erica Michaels. This is my last project from this calendar. Once I get the Dec. and Jan. sewed and stuffed I want to take a picture of them all together. I have picked out the fabrics for the backs, just don't have the energy to get them done tonight!

Well, back to work tomorrow but hopefully I will get some crafting in on the evenings this week. Happy stitching/quilting/crafting to all!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Year Resolution- Craft More, Blog More!!

Well, I guess so far my new year resolution has not been met in the blogging aspect, but it has been going ok for the crafting- I have finished a small cross stitch so far- December calendar hanging from Rainbow Gallery- now just January left and I will have the whole year. I haven't finished it off due to my sewing machine being out of commission, but will do that once I get the January one stitched. I think it is pretty and I like the snow!

Now I am just going to catch up with some projects that I finished at the end of last year- first I had made some scarves for Christmas for the dogs. I put their initials on them and below is a picture of Scout and Penny in their scarves. My sister made some for her dogs too and the dogs all looked so cute on Christmas morning!

For Christmas I made my in-laws a K-State quilt. I pieced the middle pieces together and then did applique in the shape of a power cat- Kansas State's mascot. I was pretty proud of how it turned out because it was my first attempt at applique. I just took it to get quilted a couple weeks ago (decided not to hand quilt this one!) and I can't wait to see the finished project.

My last (and favorite!) Christmas present I made was for my niece Marley. I made her two Binky Baby Bunny from a pattern from mmmcrafts.I really love her patterns- they are so cute and easy to make. I made a little boy bunny and a little girl bunny. I made little "binkies" for them out of coordinated fabric. Marley loves them and has been playing with them a lot.

Well, this year should be a great one for crafting- I have some goals-
1. Finish a quilt out of some squares that my Grandmother had cut out.
2. Finish my Under The Friendship Tree cross stitch
3. Multiple more that I cannot think of now :)
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