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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Yay yay yay. I passed my RD exam, so I have more time to work on my crafts!

Goals for March stitching-
Get April and May month stitched.
Finish off Feb, March, April and May stitches.
Finish perpetual calendar.
Work on Under the Friendship Tree by Mirabilia.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Current Project

I have started working on a perpetual calendar using cross stitched months. I got the patterns for free from Rainbow Gallery. www.rainbowgallery.com

I have got three months done. I haven't finished them off, but I plan to make borders on them and make hangers with ribbons. Then I need to do the numbers, I will probably use cross stitch paper. Here are the three that are done.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Past Projects- Cats

One of my first projects- I made these three coasters from a kit from Hobby Lobby. I really like them and at the time I had a cute little orange kitty.

I made this needle case from a small pattern that I found somewhere on the internet. I don't remember where now.

I like this little kitty. I made this from a kit from Wal-Mart. I don't remember where I put this, but I think I am going to try and find it now.

Past Projects- Random Projects

For my dad, for fathers day. I forget where I found the fish pattern, but I made the rest of it up.

Chip's Challenge- For my dad for Christmas. We used to play this game together all the time. Made on my PC Stitch with the image overlay.

Daisies- a freebie from the DMC website. For my sister's birthday, daisies are her favorite.

For my sister's birthday. Lizzie Kate freebie - www.lizziekate.com

SanMan Originals freebie - this hangs in my cubicle, to brighten my days :)

I made this Lizzie Kate freebie and put it in a fundraiser for a school group. The gift basket was garden themed and it was really cute.

Made a card out of this for my honey.

I don't have a pic of these in its frame, but I made this SanMan Originals freebie for my sister's wedding announcement.

Christmas Gift for my father in-law.

Made 2 of these for my brother and brother in-law.

Made this one for my mom. It is from SanMan Originals.

Star Wars magnet- Made two of these for two of my brother in laws. Made the pattern with my PCStitch software.

Made for one of my nephews.

Made for my other nephew. It is so cute when they play with these, they keep money and toys in them.

I made this for my Mom for Mother's day. I got the pattern from the library on PC Stitch.

Past Projects - Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Statue of Liberty- So Cute! I have this one framed and get it out in July.
Hello Kitty Forest Fairy - Sewed into a pillow and given to my cousin's daughter for Christmas.

I sewed this one into a pillow. The white part was stitched with glow in the dark thread.

I stitched this one for a round robin on Facebook.

All of these patterns, plus many more cute ones are free on http://www.geocities.com/sanrioxstitch/crafts/

Past Projects- Mirabilia

This is my biggest project finished so far- Touching the Autumn Sky by Mirabilia.
I worked on this for about a year off and on. I love all of the colors and the whimsy of it.
My husband and I framed this ourselves- I found the frame for $5 at an antique store and the rest of the framing cost about $35 dollars- I was pretty happy with it. It hangs above our entertainment center now.

I stitched this Mirabilia freebie for my mother in law for Christmas. The beading is so beautiful.

I stitched this freebie for my mother for Christmas. I really enjoyed both of these projects and I have one for my self in progress.
These free patterns at www.mirabilia.com
The other Mirabilia patterns I have that I plan to complete-
Christmas Cherub 2006- work in progress
Under the Friendship Tree- work in progress
The Forest Goddess- not started
Snow Angels- not started
Ring Around the Rose Tree - not started

Past Projects- Christmas Ornaments

Made this angel for my sister- it is out of 100 Christmas Ornaments book
Made this Lizzie Kate design. I used orange for the cat instead of gray. I finished it into an ornament, but don't have a pic of it.
Another Lizzie Kate- this one was a freebie. Given to my sister for Christmas. http://www.lizziekate.com/

My sis Ellen and I finishing off ornaments.

Lizzie Kate - My first Christmas ornament for my nephew Eli

Another Lizzie Kate freebie- given to my cousin for Christmas.

Penguin Christmas- given to my sister for Christmas.

Penguin with cart- made into an ornament- again no finished pic.

This was a freebie from The Chart Shop - Sent to my brother and sister in-law for Christmas.

I made this cute ornament from a free chart- I can't remember where I got it from.
It is called Woodland Joy. I kept this one for myself.

Past Projects- Baby Birth Announcements

I made these birth announcements for my older sister's four kids. They all have matching frames. I enjoyed doing them all and I think it is fun to have them all have the Precious Moments theme. I hope to do birth announcements for my other neices and nephews when my other siblings have children :)

Past Projects- Care Bears

This was my first cross stitch project ever. I stitched it for my oldest nephew's third birthday, and I have been hooked ever since!
I stitched this Wish Bear for Cole's Quilts. It went to a little girl named Sarah. They stitched about 9 squares into a quilt.
I made this frame for my cousin's baby, but they call her Maggie now :) It was the first time I stitched on paper, it is different and a little difficult.
This pattern I made for my oldest nephews 4th birthday. I sewed it onto a denim bag for him..

I made this one for my husband's god daughter for Christmas.

I plan to make a baby quilt for my children someday out of these large Care Bear patterns- I have 2 books with the large Classic Care Bear patterns (One is Care Bear Cousins).

Another square for the baby quilt

This magnet I made for my older sister for Christmas. Funshine Bear is her favorite.

Another square for the baby quilt. Tender Heart Penguin (My favorite Care Bear Cousin!)

Decorating the Christmas Tree- Made the first Christmas after I started stitching.

I haven't stitched Care Bears for awhile, but I will stitch more whenever we have children so I can finish up the baby quilt :)

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