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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Past Projects- Random Projects

For my dad, for fathers day. I forget where I found the fish pattern, but I made the rest of it up.

Chip's Challenge- For my dad for Christmas. We used to play this game together all the time. Made on my PC Stitch with the image overlay.

Daisies- a freebie from the DMC website. For my sister's birthday, daisies are her favorite.

For my sister's birthday. Lizzie Kate freebie - www.lizziekate.com

SanMan Originals freebie - this hangs in my cubicle, to brighten my days :)

I made this Lizzie Kate freebie and put it in a fundraiser for a school group. The gift basket was garden themed and it was really cute.

Made a card out of this for my honey.

I don't have a pic of these in its frame, but I made this SanMan Originals freebie for my sister's wedding announcement.

Christmas Gift for my father in-law.

Made 2 of these for my brother and brother in-law.

Made this one for my mom. It is from SanMan Originals.

Star Wars magnet- Made two of these for two of my brother in laws. Made the pattern with my PCStitch software.

Made for one of my nephews.

Made for my other nephew. It is so cute when they play with these, they keep money and toys in them.

I made this for my Mom for Mother's day. I got the pattern from the library on PC Stitch.

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