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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Past Projects- Care Bears

This was my first cross stitch project ever. I stitched it for my oldest nephew's third birthday, and I have been hooked ever since!
I stitched this Wish Bear for Cole's Quilts. It went to a little girl named Sarah. They stitched about 9 squares into a quilt.
I made this frame for my cousin's baby, but they call her Maggie now :) It was the first time I stitched on paper, it is different and a little difficult.
This pattern I made for my oldest nephews 4th birthday. I sewed it onto a denim bag for him..

I made this one for my husband's god daughter for Christmas.

I plan to make a baby quilt for my children someday out of these large Care Bear patterns- I have 2 books with the large Classic Care Bear patterns (One is Care Bear Cousins).

Another square for the baby quilt

This magnet I made for my older sister for Christmas. Funshine Bear is her favorite.

Another square for the baby quilt. Tender Heart Penguin (My favorite Care Bear Cousin!)

Decorating the Christmas Tree- Made the first Christmas after I started stitching.

I haven't stitched Care Bears for awhile, but I will stitch more whenever we have children so I can finish up the baby quilt :)

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