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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Past Projects- Mirabilia

This is my biggest project finished so far- Touching the Autumn Sky by Mirabilia.
I worked on this for about a year off and on. I love all of the colors and the whimsy of it.
My husband and I framed this ourselves- I found the frame for $5 at an antique store and the rest of the framing cost about $35 dollars- I was pretty happy with it. It hangs above our entertainment center now.

I stitched this Mirabilia freebie for my mother in law for Christmas. The beading is so beautiful.

I stitched this freebie for my mother for Christmas. I really enjoyed both of these projects and I have one for my self in progress.
These free patterns at www.mirabilia.com
The other Mirabilia patterns I have that I plan to complete-
Christmas Cherub 2006- work in progress
Under the Friendship Tree- work in progress
The Forest Goddess- not started
Snow Angels- not started
Ring Around the Rose Tree - not started

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