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Friday, April 24, 2009

Almost finished

This is a pic of the May month from Erica Michaels. I actually have it finished with the doggie button sewed on, I just don't want to take a pic right now. I really like the way this turned out with the flowers and everything. Now I just have to sew it into a little pillow, and just in the nic of time too.
This week has flown, actually this whole month has flown. I did start on a new project (a kinda bigger one!) this week. I started on hunting companions for my husband. He wants me to change the white dog in the middle to look like Scout, which hopefully won't be too hard!

Well I hope anyone reading this has a great weekend and gets some good stitching done!


Kajsa said...

Cute WIP, can't wait to see that finished picture.

Lillie said...

Lovely finished.
Happy weekend to you.

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