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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Review of Goals, And May Goals

Wow! I cannot beleive that it is May already. Time is flying by and I have been busy!
Heres a review of last months goals and how I did.

Goals for April stitching
1. Finish stitching and finishing off May and July for calendar.- Got May done and finished off. It is hanging in my office right now. I like it a lot and was glad that I found a little button that looked like Scout!! The fabric it is on is on the back of the little pillow.
2. Work on Vegetable Wreath- Made some good progress. I posted this mid-month.
3. Get English Pointer pattern- Started on Hunting companions and plan to make the middle yellow lab into Scout. I have worked on this a small amount, but will probably put it on hold for awhile.
4. Work on Mirabilia angel (possibly finish it ??)- Nope, but maybe this month!

Goals for May:
1. Finish July Erica Michaels cross stitch.
2. Work on Mirabilia Angel (maybe finish it)
3. Work on Mirabilia Under the Friendship Tree
4. Work on Honeymoon Scrapbook (not stitching, but a project I need to finish!)

Happy Stitching!


Mylene said...

Your may ornament looks lovely.

Nice accomplishments for April, goodluck for this month.

Have a good weekend!

Lillie said...

That is a beautiful finish. Looks like you've made a good start on your angle.

Karrie said...

Your May ornament looks great, love the little dog button :)

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