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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I have been working on a Mirabilia angel. It is really pretty so far and I just ordered the beads for it. I am having a little trouble finding the metallic DMC floss needed and the Kreinek metallic floss needed. I have found them all on the internet, but all at different places! I may have to wait to finish it for a while. I am going to work on this tonight after I am finished posting (we are watching the new James Bond movie, so I will stitch and watch).

This Friday at work I am entered into a pie baking contest. Here is my practice pie, Strawberry Meringue(sp?). It is really good. I made one for our mother's day celebration there and my whole family really enjoyed it!

And just one more picture. Last weekend we went out to the lake with Scout. She had such a good time once she figured out how to paddle.
Happy Mother's day to all mothers!

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Lillie said...

Mira is looking good. Good luck with your pie contest,it sure looks yummy. Great pic from the lake. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's day.

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