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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Has it really been a month?

Well, one of my goals was to post more this month, but that apparently didn't happen- oh well, that is just how life goes... But I did finish a project! My first cross stitch project I have worked on since February! This is Forever Friends Bear, I finished it for a round robin that was started several years ago and never finished by one of the participants. Sadly she still has my snowman I started and I haven't been able to get in touch with her. But I hope Robin enjoys the bear and it brings her joy :)

I did finish the outside squares on my quilt... but then had a minor setback. Apparently when I basted together the back and front of the quilt the backing didn't go all the way to the edge on one corner. I had to trim an inch off of each side- but that made all my quilting on the outside squares look funny- so now I am in the process of tearing out the old quilting and re-hand quilting it. But, still pretty close to being done, and I got all of my binding stitched, pressed and ready to go.
This is a pic of my little sweetheart Penny, playing at the beach :) She is such a silly dog!

Recap of my July goals:

1. Finish quilting the border of the quilt.- Yes and No, did finish it :), but having to redo it :(
2.Work on a round robin cross stitch project- Forever Friends Bear- Yes, done and sent out!
3.Start on Lizzie Kate- Dogs leave paw prints on your heart.- Nope

August goals:

1. Finish quilting the border of the quilt.
2. Start on Lizzie Kate- Dogs leave paw prints on your heart.
3. Start on 4th Classic Care Bear for baby quilt.


Lynn said...

Your bear is adorable! I'm sure Robin will love it.

Robin Hartman said...

I love my bear. He sits proudly in my dining room in a frame next to Newton. Thanks so much for being in the round robin with me. I hope you get your snowman from Michelle. She not only didn't finish the round robin but I don't think she even started. Boo! Look at all the fun she's missing.

But in the meantime, you should be expecting a package in the mail any day now :) Surprise!

I had no idea you had a blog for your stitching!

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