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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Great sunny day!

Today has been a great day- I spent the morning doing chores and taking the dogs for a walk. Then this afternoon I went to hobby lobby to get a seam ripper and some cross stitch floss. I ended up leaving with a bunch of new scrapbook paper and stickers as well :)

Here is just a sample of some of the prints I picked out- I am excited about the camoflage one in the middle- I think hubby will like it a lot.

Then when I got home from that relaxing trip I check the mail and I find this package- it is a snowman from the round robin I started several years ago and I never got back (well I still haven't got mine back yet) but this one is adorable and I was so excited that Robin stitched it up for me. Haven't decided how to finish it yet but I know it will be on display when winter rolls around! She also sent some stamped cards that are really cute. Robin is very creative and makes great jewelry as well as stamping and cross stitching... visit her blog here. Just made my day.

Happy stitching everyone!


Kajsa said...

Seems like you got a lot of nice new things, cute snowman!

Robin Hartman said...

So glad you liked everything. Your picture of the snowman looks great. I loved stitching on the beautiful linen you sent. Enjoy the cards. I love any excuse to play with my stamps.

Robin Hartman said...


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