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Monday, January 25, 2010

Decided to join the Totally Useless Fun!

Here is my container for the Totally Useless SAL. There is not too much in it yet because I started on Saturday and have only been working on this on project. You can find details about the SAL on YoYo's blog here

Have you ever had one of those projects that seem to take forever?? I started this small potholder with a strawberry design on it because I have mostly big projects going right now and I was looking for a quick, cute finish. I didn't have the greens or one of the red's the project called for, so I substituted. Then I run out of one of the greens half-way through and I have tried 3 different shades of red to match the one color I did have but none have worked out. Looks like I am going to Hobby Lobby tomorrow for some more floss, sigh.
Thanks for all the nice comments on my posts, I really appreciate it!


stitchinfiend said...

Welcome to the TUSAL and the strawberry potholder is looking great. It is frustating to run out of thread.

Yoyo said...

Don't mean to laugh, but every time I start a small project for some instant gratification this seems to happen, it is darling...hope it comes together for you soon. Love your TU SAL start!!!!

Parsley said...

I'm new to stitching so my jar of ORT won't fill up too fast. LOL

Love your blog.

Lynn said...

I thought about joining the TUSAL but my ort jar doesn't get very full in a year's time. I don't do nearly as many projects as some of the other bloggers out there.
Hope you can find some matching floss. Your potholder is very cute.

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