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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday

I have decided to start doing Ten Things Tuesday to round up all of my random thoughts, projects, goals for the week. I will be linking up with Under The Table and Dreaming for Ten Things Tuesday.

So what's been on my mind this week???
1. The natural beauty of Kansas in the fall- this weekend we went exploring around Milford Lake and Chase County State Lake. It is so nice to have the colors changing and see the pretty sunset!

2. Getting back in shape- Started doing Insanity workouts this week. I don't think I will be following the program completely- I don't usually do well with intense workouts everyday, I like to have a break to let my muscles recover. But we shall see. I will keep you informed on my progress.

Last night I did the Fit Test and it was tough! My next workout is this morning!!

3. Halloween Costumes- I need to figure out what I am going to be. Also going to start sewing my niece's Tangled costumre. I am going to use Simplicity 2065. She is very excited about it. This will be the most difficult sewing project I have ever attempted so wish me luck!!

4. Running- I want to keep running even when I am doing Insanity- maybe alternate days. I am running a pretty decent 2 mile and I want to build that up to a nice, easy 5k.

5. Kick the sugar! I am trying to cut out all refined grains and sugars- that obviously includes soda, which I have been struggling with! This graphic helps me with my motivation!! Yikes.

6. Halloween decorations- I want to make a few more crafty projects for Halloween decorations- some of my inspiration from Pinterest.

7. Appreciating- I really need to take the time to appreciate more of the great things that are happening in my life- my wonderful husband, my great family, my sweet pets. I sometimes get too caught up in focusing on what is going on in my life that I don't take the time to appreciate what I have.

8. Football- Last weekend was a great weekend. My Kansas State Wildcats won last weekend against Baylor and now we are ranked 20th.  Woo Hoo. My nephews football team won last Saturday too and I got to see him run for a 50+ yard touchdown.

9. Work- We are adding some new parts on to our Breastfeeding Class and it is pretty exciting. I hope it will be helpful to all the new Moms!

10. Sewing a Lunch Tote- I have my lunch tote halfway done and I am working on finishing it up- just need to finish up the liner! It's going to be soo cute.

Hope your Tuesday is going well!!

Have a great week.

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Kellie said...

Thanks for sharing Zoe! Happy sewing on that costume!

Lana said...

This is an awesome idea!!! I'm right there with you on the working out thing!! But I'm impressed! You can run 2 miles...I couldn't even run a quarter of a mile, but that is on my goals list for now, is to get that endurance up! I got lazy, but now it is time to pick it up and get back in shape! Love the photo of the soda/sugar...wow! That really does put it in perspective! ....where's my water?!

Toni said...

We took a couple trips to Kansas when I was in college, and I totally fell in love with the Flint Hills. You are so lucky to live there! It's been fun reading your list!

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