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Saturday, June 18, 2011

What's a girl to do....

When her husband is out fishing...

Well make some quilted wall art of course!!
Rock out to these lovely ladies- girl power!!
St. Vincent
Tegan and Sara
Joanna Newsom
and Eisley (I guess there is some gentlemen in there too).

I had come up with this idea after seeing several tutorials of putting plain fabric in an embroidery hoop and using it as wall art.

I thought I would do this with some crazy quilting. I tried to do the crazy quilting but I didn't really feel comfortable with all of the wonky angles.

So I decided just to do straighter lines with some embroidery thrown in there. It was a really fun project-

1. Embroider what you want- I just used DMC floss on some tan fabric. I did mine to look a little countryish, but you can make it whatever style you want.

2. Cut fabrics in to strips, long and short- this would be a fun project just to use you scrap stash on because you don't have to have exact amts.

3. I didn't measure or pin anything on this because I wanted it to be a little imperfect- I let some of the selvages show too.

4. Lay out the fabrics the way you want and start stitching.

5. Once you have filled the size of hoop you want put it tight in the hoop and cut off the excess. Hot glue the extra overhang to the back of the hoop. You are done!!

I am going to use this as part of a gallery wall of plate, cross stitches and paintings in my kitchen- hopefully get it hung up soon!

I had some left over fabric strips so I made this bow for my niece- it may be a little big, but if she wears it above her ponytail it will be cute.

Happy Crafting!!
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Robin Hartman said...

I love these! They look great!

sertyan said...

These are really pretty and this is a great tutorial, would love to try this one day.

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