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Friday, June 3, 2011

Goals for June

Start of June- Trying to get back on track with my crafting!!
This weekend my goal is to finish the roman shades for the living room- they are all stitched up and about half of the rings are tied on to the back. This afternoon I will run by JoAnn's to get the rest of the rings (didn't buy enough the first time). After that it is mainly just installing the hardware and stringing the cording.
Another plan for the weekend is to paint the craftroom so we can get it all set up and organized. We picked out a sunny yellow that will be so pleasant to look at while I craft. Already got my "new" craft table cleaned up and all I need to do is glue the new casters into the bottom.
Can't explain how jealous I get looking at everyone else's projects on their blogs- just want to be to the point where I can devote at least some time to crafting!
I have been doing pretty well with my eating and exercise lately, which does take time. I started a new exercise routine to incorporate more strength training and yoga, instead of just running. I have been doing good with sticking with it and I know that benefits me too. Now to find a balance between time spent preparing healthy foods, exercising and crafts (and of course spending time with my honey and our dogs)!

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Kellie said...

You'll have to post pictures of your finished craft room... for the first time in my life I have a room totally dedicated to crafts and sewing and card making - and I just love it! At the end of the day if you've done the most important... then it is a good day!

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