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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Baby Shower Day

Today I went to a baby shower for my good friend. That means I get to post the projects that I gave to her. I was really excited to have her open them and I hope the new baby boy will love his blankie.

The project was similar to the quilt I made a few months ago for another friend's baby. It is a rag quilt made out of cozy flannel. I used the tutorial on this page. It is a pretty fast and easy way to make rag quilts and they come out so soft and cozy.

Back of the quilt- with the fuzzy part!

Back and front of the quilt.

Close up of the patterned flannel I used.

When I was finished I had some squares left over so I decided to make some matching burp clothes- you can't have too many of those, right. I enjoyed them and I think they are pretty cute.

I have been spending some time working on stitching too- making some progress on the Vegetable Wreath- if I get far enough I will post some progress pictures!

Happy Stitching and Happy Weekend!


Anonymous said...

I love your header! It is just too cute. Your baby quilt is lovely. I love the fabric you chose. Flannel is just the best thing for babies - it will definitely be warm and cozy.

Lynn said...

It's an adorable blankie and I'm sure that little baby is going to look so cute wrapped up in it!

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