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Friday, October 30, 2015

A Christmas Stocking for Ada

It has been so long since I completed a cross stitch project and it feels so good to have this one done. I think the last project I completed was the twin's Care Bear quilts.  I bought this pattern back when I worked at Hobby Lobby and it went on after Christmas clearance.  It sat unused in my stitching stash until about a week before the twins came I decided to get it started. I had been off work for a couple weeks and was so sick of just watching T.V. but I couldn't really move around a lot.  

I love this pattern and I really hope that Ada will love it as she grows up.  I did goof up a bit and didn't baste the edge of the fabric. It unraveled and made the pattern not fit all the way on the left top. But I will just adjust when I am sewing it together.  This will probably go into storage until I finish Ty's stocking and then I will sew the up at the same time.

I love that their stockings will match Bret and mine and I am excited to see them all finished. While I was typing this up I realized I have never shared our Christmas stockings. I will have to do that soon! Christmas is such a special time and having homemade decorations just adds to it for me.

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