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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Quick and Easy Block Quilt

I made this quick and easy block quilt when my twins were 3 months old. Looking back I don't know how I found the time, but I had promised myself I would make a quilt for all my nieces and nephews on their 10th birthdays and my nephew Trey was turning 10.  

Here is the quilt I made for his brother on his 10th birthday.  

The pattern I used I based off of a pattern I pinned. I added his name in contrasting colors.  
The pieces I cut were as followed:

6" Squares-
Red- 24 squares
Blue- 12 squares
Yellow- 24 squares

12" Squares-
Jayhawk Fabric- 12 squares

The thing I liked about making this quilt was that it really was easy because there were only 2 sizes of blocks to cut and the larger pieced blocks were all the same, I just sewed them together different directions when I pieced the whole quilt.

I feel like this would be an easy pattern to use if you find a fabric that you absolutely love the print of it and you can make it the bulk of the quilt by using it as the larger block.

I am hoping to start on some more quilts soon- maybe a quilted tree skirt too!

I will be linking up to Parties!

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