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Friday, May 4, 2012

Pad Thai for Beginners- New Food Friday

I have always been a big fan of pad thai- I love all the noodley goodness, the sauce, the sprouts and the sriracha! But buying pad thai all the time can get pretty expensive. Several months ago I found this "recipe" that is more like an in detail explanation of how to make authentic Pad Thai.

It took me almost 2 months to procure the ingredients and build up the courage to try it myself.

I followed the procedure close to what Chez Pim recommended, but there are a lot of options of ingredients listed.

What I used with mine was carrots, onions, garlic, shrimp, sprouts, rice noodles, one egg and the sauce as recommended by the recipe. 

It turned out delicious and I have made it a couple times since then!

So I dare you- give it a try! You will be glad you did!!

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cynthia said...

Yum! I love pad thai, too. My boyfriend says it tastes like dogfood "but in a good way". haha
I'm gonna give this a try. I am totally a beginner. :)

Melanna said...

Do you have the link to the recipe? I'd love to try it. I've never really made any "authentic" ethnic recipes. Heck, I've never really made any good knock-offs!
Thanks for linking to Pin-ed it, Made it.

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