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Monday, June 22, 2009

Night at the lake and a weekend of finishing off projects!

This weekend was a productive one. We didn't have too much to do so I was able to finish some projects that I had already stitched. I framed my 2006 Cherub. I have multiple matching 4X6 frames like this one so I may need to do a set of Christmas stitches to go with this Cherub.

On Saturday Bret and I got together with one of my sister's family and my Dad (the rest of the fam was out of town) to celebrate father's day. We made shish kabobs which were delicious! It was a good time and was nice for a relaxing evening.

Sunday I got a lot done around the house and was able to finish off the July ornament (below). Now I am exactly 1/2 way finished with the year!

On Sunday we also got Scout a new pillow. We went for a bike ride and she ran along and was completely pooped afterward. Here she is relaxing on her pillow.

This weekend I also made good progress on Under the Friendship Tree. I am close to my goal for this stitching round and then will move on to another project. I didn't get to work on it tonight, we went and had a picnic at the lake. One of my good friends from school and her fiance moved back to town and we went out to the lake. We had a good picnic and got to swim. Scout had an awesome time splashing in the waves.
Happy Stitching!


Carla said...

Your Mirabilia Cherub looks gorgeous!!

Lillie said...

Wow! congrads, so much accomplishement in a weekend.

Cindy F. said...

Scout's got a very good life:)

Beautiful finishes!! Congrats:)

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