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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Farm Day

We have been keeping busy in the past few days. Fall is creeping up on us. We got our winter coats out for our walk the other day. Ada was very excited about the shininess and brightness of her coat. She sat for several minutes playing with it. The twins have been needy lately and some days it wears on me. We try and go outside because I can see how much it calms them. It calms me too. It is nice to be in the sunlight and feel the breeze. The colors of the fall are so beautiful- the oranges and browns. The times I can just watch them explore make me smile.

I have been cooking at home most meals. I tried a new for Glazed Lemon Sugar Cookies the other day and they are delicious and pretty quick to whip up. They pass the test for getting to be in my Christmas Cookie gift boxes.  I also made a delicious Turkey Vegetable Soup from my own recipe. The kids enjoyed it too.

We spent today at my brother's farm, petting goats, chasing chickens and playing on the swing sets. Being there reminded me a lot of my childhood- all the wonder of discovering nature, forgetting your worries by seeing what cool things you can discover in the woods. I love watching my little ones experience this too. Ty runs ahead on our walk, but Ada is working to keep up with him.

Right now I am listening to Ty and Bret giggling with each other while we watch the Royals and it makes my heart happy.


Lillie said...

Beautiful and wonderful pictures of the kids exploring and finding things new to them. Enjoy every moment of it.

OhSewCrafty said...

Lovey pictures. Your kids look like they're havng so much fun. I agree, getting outside seems be a balm for toddler frustration and fussiness.

Anonymous said...

What great pictures! Loved hearing about your adventures. I'll have to try the cookie recipe. Sounds yummy!

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