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Friday, January 23, 2015

Family Scrappy Quilt

Several years ago I came up with the idea to make a scrappy quilt from scrap fabric from my grandmother, mother, sisters and myself.  I believe I talked about it on my blog a couple years ago. Well, I finally finished the project a couple months before the twins were born.

One of my favorite pictures of Bubby and Sissy on the Memory Quilt

Half of the squares are made in a pattern I made up with inspiration from this quilt.

The other half is a Greek Cross square that I made from the book Egg Money Quilts that my neighbor let me borrow.

I love the Greek Cross squares and I would love to do a whole quilt with that pattern sometime in the future. 

It took a long time to finish this quilt- I had originally been going to make it into a king size quilt, but when I found out we were having twins I decided to just do a throw quilt and make sure and get it done before the babies came!

We love this quilt- it is so comfortable to cuddle with. Also we can tell stories about where all of the scraps on the quilt came from, which is so wonderful.  I tied the quilt and bound it with store bought quilt binding.
I would love to make my own binding, but once again I was trying to get it done before the babies came.  

Have you made any memory quilts? What designs have you used?

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